Be A Friend of the Water Carnival!

The White River Water Carnival is often and rightfully dubbed the oldest festival in the Natural State! This year will be the 73rd celebration of this beloved tradition of the Batesville Area. The entertainment brought to our community by this time honored event ranges from beauty queens to hot rods to onstage entertainment including Elvis Presley himself. The best part is that it is all FREE to those who attend!
In 2014, the Water Carnival attracted an estimated 9,000 visitors. Those are 9,000 people who not only visited the Carnival, but who also bought gas, ate in restaurants, stayed in hotels, and shopped in stores! The impact of this family friendly festival is not only measured in fun but in economic impact as well.

If you are a long-time Friend of the Water Carnival, thank you for your commitment and generosity. Please remain faithful to this event again this year. If you have not yet given a gift but would like to contribute, we appreciate your consideration and invite you to join our group of Friends. Together we can ensure the prosperity of one of our favorite community traditions.

We look forward to seeing you at the river this year! Come and invite a friend who has never attended.

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